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Design Elements for the Home.

Your home is an integral part of your family.  It's a reflection of your values and lifestyle.  Adding exterior window and door decor offers design opportunities to make your home attractive and unique.

Exterior window and door decor is an easy and affordable way to add a new design dimension to your home.  Obtain a beautiful look by using complementary or contrasting colors with your shutters, headers, and decorative accessories.

Ask your Greater American contractor about these design opportunities!

Pelican Bay One Shakes & Scallops

Create a lasting impression.

Pelican Bay Vinyl Scallop


You'll swear it's real - the look the feel - with Pelican Bay, you'll get all the rich elegance cedar Shakes bring to a home.  That's because Pelican Bay has an authentic grain, molded from actual cedar.   The grain even extends over the shake edge to ensure each piece looks handmade.
And by using our specially designed Scallops, you can turn your home into a statement - highlighting gables, window boxes, and eave edges or creating frieze boards and bands.


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